Explain Everything

WALT find groupings within 1000 Here I am explaining a strategy I have used to solve an equation on Explain Everything. I have used a place value strategy


WALT: to kick and strike the  large ball

I learned how to play beat the ball

Here is an example of my learning:I know how to hit the ball with a tennis racket 

Next time I will hit the ball harder 

Term 1 Reading - Tigers

WALT find and keep track of ideas and information in longer texts

Success Criteria

Find the main ideas from the text.

Write ideas down on the page.

T4 Art

Easy Blog Photo

WALT : accurately draw the shape of a bird, paint the bird using the correct colours, create a realistic background

Success Criteria
*My bird is life like

*my bird is presented in a way that shows its natural habitat

"This is my hawk".